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Why Technyflex can help your pets

Technyflex is a rich source of Essential Fatty Acids and joint building properties, which act together to provide relief from joint pain such as Arthritis and to rejuvenate damaged cartilage. Used and recommended by Veterinarians.



Customer Feedback


Walking and running is much easier

'The daily dose of Technyflex Canine helped our dog Bella put the bounce back in her step.' Read More

8 starts four wins, one second and two thirds

'I suggested he put the horse on Technyflex Equine as soon as he arrived - it's worked wonders... Read More

Unbelievable Results

'I bought your product TechnyFlex, for Feline, for our Cat as he had just started to get a bit of Arthritis... Read More

Dog Swimming

Have to be the most brilliant product I have ever used!

'My little guy, a Maltese/poodle cross, injured his back leg about four years ago and in spite of... Read More


Update from Beate Lantzsch

'My very much loved mare Katie Riddle has always been a picture of health and joy of life, but during the last couple of month she visibly aged by at least... Read More

Technyflex – a unique natural arthritic and joint pain producthomepage-graphsm

Technyflex has an array of natural properties that may assist with arthritic symptoms, rejuvinate cartlidge and connective tissue, and relieve arthritic symptoms such as inflammation of the joints.

  • A natural pain reliever (analgesic)
  • Rebuilds and rejuvenates joints & cartilage
  • Soothes stiff joints
  • Rich source of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 (EFAs)
  • Used and recommended by Veterinarians

Exceptional Anti-inflammatory Properties

  • Suppresses inflammatory cells (neutrophils)
  • Inhibits inflammation pathways
  • Consistently high anti-inflammatory response

Proven Safe and Natural

  • No additives
  • Readily absorbed
  • Bioactive benefits are quickly recognised
  • Can be taken long term

For overall good health and wellbeing

Customer Testimonials

I will never take Matrix off Technyflex (again)
Matrix playingIn May 2014 my dog Matrix started suffering from ‘elbow dysplasia’, a degenerative disorder that the Vet explained had no cure and would progressively worsen. The Vet put him on anti-inflammatory pills for a week and having had success with Technyflex in the past I also put him on a dose of 3 Technyflex capsules a day.
After 2 weeks we were back to our normal 6km walk!
I continued giving him 2 Technyflex capsules a day for the next year and he never suffered from a limp (although he did suffer incontinence for 6 months as a result of the anti-inflammatories). At this time I wrote my original testimonial and claimed I would never take him off Technyflex.
However, I am only human… In 2016 (when Matrix was 12.5 years old) I ran out of Technyflex and 2-3 weeks later I noticed a massive decline in his health – he was restless, heavy puffing, laboured breathing and extremely slow and stiff. I was planning to take him to the vet when I thought to resume his Technyflex.
I could not believe it. After taking Technyflex for one day he slept all night long without waking me and within two days he was no longer showing any sign of discomfort. I can walk him and see he is a much happier dog – as only a dog owner could know.
One month later and he still hasn't had a single unsettled night or day.
Jacqui - Nelson – April 2016

Kerry Baumann talks about 'Royal Physician'
Royal Physician8 starts four wins, one second and two thirds.
This horse is now with Michael Geaney a young up-and-coming trainer from Townsville who was formerly a stablehand for me before being granted his own licence. He purchased the horse back in January - it was out of form and had a history of recurring significant soundness issues, particularly in his knees.
I suggested he put the horse on Technyflex Equine as soon as he arrived - it's worked wonders.
The horse won recently in Townsville in a Class 6 Plate race even though he was badly weighted.
Not only has Technyflex addressed the horse's soundness and obvious pain issues 'Royal Physician' has subsequently gained back his confidence to knuckle down and find the line.