Technyflex Canine Testimonials

‘Flippy is now a 13 year-old dog that has Cushings and advanced Arthritis. 8 months ago we were ready to let him go because his hind legs were so bad, he could barely get up. Our Vet put him on Adequan which helped a lot but still wore off quickly. After starting the Technyflex, it seemed to give him a few more days or relief from the arthritis pain. And Greenlipped Mussels were recommended by people in our Vet’s Office as well.’


‘Miga is a 5 year old Golden Retriever. She had major surgery on both elbows when she was about 18 months old. She also has hip issues in both back legs. She has been taking Technyflex Canine Powder since the time of her surgery In September 2013. I cannot say for sure that taking this is the reason she gets around so well with all of her elbow and hip issues, but I feel that it is helpful for her and I continue to purchase this product because it is my hope that she is doing better with this than without. Miga is a very active dog and goes to the park almost every day and chases her ball that I ‘chuck’ nearly 200 feet each toss and she happily returns. She does this year round.’
‘I have three dogs and they all benefit from Technyflex Canine. It’s the best joint supplement I’ve tried. It put spring in the steps of my 12 and 10 year old. I didn’t know they had it in them! I also recommended it to my niece who has a 16 year old dog with joint problems. Even tho this dog’s problems stem from surgery due to an accident, Technyflex has made good differences.’

‘I would like to express how grateful I am that I found Technyflex Canine and gave it a try. My 10 y.o. Red Cattle X Molly was suffering for several months from arthritis in her front joints – it got so bad she could barely walk.

After numberous and expensive trips to the vet to be x-rayed, treated with canine arthritis injections and prescribed medication I was at my wits’ end as to what to do because Molly still had plenty more life in her and I didn’t want to put her down, although at the time because her arthritis was that extreme I thought that may be my only option.
I then started researching natural products online and came across Technyflex and all I can say is that Molly will be on this medication for the rest of her life because she is a changed dog. Not only now is she moving more freely in all her joints she’s back to being her happy self running around like a youngster. The proof that Technyflex really was making a difference was made clear to me last week when, unfortunately, I missed giving her the 2 caplets daily for 3 days and, on the third day, Molly was back to being the way she was prior to Technyflex; limping and barely able to walk – clearly she was in pain. After administering Technyflex 24 hours later she was mobile and happy again.
All I can say is that Technyflex is the go to product if your dog is suffering any type of joint issues.’


‘Gus is 8 1/2 years old and has arthritis in his neck and shoulders. He would whine if he lifted his head too high or was too active. Our local Veterinarian recommended we try Technyflex. Gus started taking it in April 2017 and by the end of the first container, his whining had stopped and he acts like a puppy again!!’

I will never take Matrix off Technyflex (again)
Matrix playing‘In May 2014 my dog Matrix started suffering from ‘elbow dysplasia’, a degenerative disorder that the Vet explained had no cure and would progressively worsen. The Vet put him on anti-inflammatory pills for a week and having had success with Technyflex in the past I also put him on a dose of 3 Technyflex capsules a day. After 2 weeks we were back to our normal 6km walk! I continued giving him 2 Technyflex capsules a day for the next year and he never suffered from a limp (although he did suffer incontinence for 6 months as a result of the anti-inflammatories). At this time I wrote my original testimonial and claimed I would never take him off Technyflex. However, I am only human… In 2016 (when Matrix was 12.5 years old) I ran out of Technyflex and 2-3 weeks later I noticed a massive decline in his health – he was restless, heavy puffing, laboured breathing and extremely slow and stiff. I was planning to take him to the vet when I thought to resume his Technyflex. I could not believe it. After taking Technyflex for one day he slept all night long without waking me and within two days he was no longer showing any sign of discomfort. I can walk him and see he is a much happier dog – as only a dog owner could know. One month later and he still hasn’t had a single unsettled night or day.’


I totally believe it’s made so much difference and has saved her life.
‘I have a big dog who has had to have cruciate knee replacements, she has arthritis in the joints and she has been unable to move around without my help.
I nearly had to make the heartbreaking decision to stop her suffering as Vets wanted to send her for MRI scans etc and she is only 6. So I researched arthritis medication in dogs and your website came up so I ordered my first lot of powder and then started to notice her increase in mobility and it was thankfully the same week in which I was booked in for tests and scans for her.
She is now so much more mobile and my Vet has asked me what am I doing different as they cannot believe the difference in her and I told them about your product, they are a bit sceptical but I told them I totally believe it’s made so much difference and has saved her life so Sox and I thank you so much and I have been telling everyone about your product.


Have to be the most brilliant product I have ever used!
‘My little guy, a Maltese/poodle cross, injured his back leg about four years ago and in spite of spending vast amounts of money on him, your product cured him completely after some ten days! Unbelievable and he hasn’t limped for over four years …’


‘I first discovered Technyflex as a wonderful alternative treatment for my 9 year old Great Dane. At the time he could no longer take Vet prescribed drugs for arthritis due to their side effects. Technyflex relieved his pain and had no damaging side effects. I have since given it to my other dogs for inflammatory conditions due to injury as well, and have had the same excellent results.’


‘Paddy my 7 year old dog was beginning to show the signs of arthritis. I am very careful with his diet and want to avoid steroids. I decided to try Technyflex and the results were dramatic. Clearly it helped him more than any supplement had in the past.He now takes two tablets per day and our Vet says he looks wonderful- so free in his movement. I hope many others who want to maintain their dogs health will give Technyflex a try.’


‘Late last year I noticed my 17 year old Red Cattle dog was starting to develop quite a bad limp due to arthritis in his front left and rear joints. I started him on Technyflex Canine capsules. At first there was no dramatic improvement, however around 7- 10 days later I noticed Max was not pulling his fur out and seemed to be able to get up a lot easier. After two weeks he had noticeably more energy and was actually running alongside the car (something he had not done for months). His fur has grown back completely and he could get up a lot easier first thing in the mornings. I am certain Technyflex Canine capsules have had a positive effect on his general health, energy and mobility.’


‘I just wanted to say that this is the most incredible product available within Australia. I have been giving it to my 11 year old miniature schnauzer for just 3 weeks, & the improvement is unbelievable. Her skin is clear, she is going up the stairs easier, & she has started to play again. & I hadn’t even given the double dosage for the first 10 days. Thank you so much for this product. We will never be without it again.’


These testimonials are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those that have used the product. We do not claim these experiences are the typical result. Your results may vary.