Technyflex Feline Testimonials

‘Gwen is a 10 year-old American bobtail. So with her stubby tail she has almost always walked with a limp and hip issues, it made me feel so sad to see her this way. I heard about you from the Conscious Cat and have heard great things about Green Lipped Mussels (I feed my cats Ziwi Peak when I can because it is so good!). I tried Technyflex Feline Joint Supplement and about a month later she started to be more energetic and limp less. Poor baby has a cardiomyopathy so she is on tons of heart meds, but with that under control and this medication you would never know anything was wrong!’


‘I bought your product Technyflex, for Feline, for our cat as he had just started to get a bit of arthritis in his back legs as he is almost 13 now, he is a Bengal cat a real beauty, we gave him the prescribed amount for the first 10 days, and now 1 capsule a day. It took about 3 weeks and now he has not limped since, and he even eats his food a lot better with the Green Lipped Powder in it, boy has it worked wonders on Tiger. I don’t no whether it’s me but his well being seems 100% better since he has been on the medicine, he even had a bit of a bowel problem but now it’s fine. He has been on it for about 3 months now what a difference it has made. We have told people about it who know Tiger and they can see how good he is now, and now we ourselves have started to take Mobicosa, the one for Humans, as we have a few aches and pains lol with age. My husband works out a lot so he has also started to take it. We will let you know how it works out for us, but thanks a million for helping with Tigers problem.’

John & Gloria

‘My 3 year old cat Nala had an unfortunate accident as a kitten and was very slow to recuperate. Not being one to sit still, Nala found it difficult having lost her energy and agility. When she did behave as she had before the accident we noticed a swelling around her joints and general fatigue. We decided to try her on Technyflex Feline as we had heard of its high level of Omega’s and the anti-inflammatory effect it has on animals. The results have been amazing. Nala is now back to her old self. She has energy and is able to race around all day. There were no adverse side effects. We are thrilled that we tried Nala on Technyflex and she now has her mobility back.’


These testimonials are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those that have used the product. We do not claim these experiences are the typical result. Your results may vary.