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Technyflex Equine Testimonials


Andrew Cooper and ‘Floyd’ – sponsored by Technyflex

We recently made the trek up to Sydney from Balnarring for the Sydney International Horse Trials. I was on Andrea Bradley's Hunters Hill (‘Floyd’) who was great (perhaps a little enthusiastic!) and finished in 5th place in a competitive field, and most importantly gained a qualifying run!

Following Sydney we now have a massive run of competitions including Ballarat, Albury and Melbourne Three Day Event and we’re looking forward to getting the team out there!

Thank you to my sponsors for their amazing support.

BRETT PARBERY, international dressage rider, Willinga Park, Bawley Point NSW

“I was recently hosting a clinic interstate and one of my pupils told me just how happy she was with TECHNYFLEX.If she hadn’t used it on her unsound horse prior to coming for her lessons she would have had to cancel.”

“Joint health is the most important thing in a dressage horse so we choose to use TECHNYFLEX to ensure that our horses stay happy, healthy and fit to perform.”

JOHN TWOMEY – Four-star eventer, coach, trainer and mentor

“I’ve always used TECHNYFLEX on my horses. When I was at Equitana, Melbourne I learnt from Natural Health NZ about KALSYTECH its new product which contained bone building properties and also assists in the halting of bone deterioration.
“It can increase collagen by 20%,” said John. “What a game changer!”
John used Mobicosa and Kalsio, the human equivalents of Technyflex and Kalsytech, and found both these registered complimentary medicines extremely beneficial when recovering from a major riding accident last year.

Coco Miles of Emcee Apparel, Windsor NSW, is a World Cup showjumper. Her brother Maverick, has successfully ridden in the Young Rider series and has now graduated to the senior levels of competitive showjumping. She began using TECHNYFLEX many years ago.

“It was when I had my first World Cup mare. She was brilliant and willing but as she got older she began feeling a bit uncomfortable in her front joints. I tried a lot of things in an effort to improve her condition but to no avail – and then I found TECHNYFLEX - and it worked. If I ever forgot to put it into her evening feed I could tell the next day!

“Since then I’ve used it on all my World Cup horses and on those who are up to Grand Prix level. When a horse lands over a jump which is a metre or more in height there’s a lot of pressure.

“At the 2017 Sydney Royal we also used it on our horses which were stabled for a long time because we didn’t want them getting sore from standing around.

“Showjumping riders also tend to experience discomfort every once in a while and my brother and I use MOBICOSA, the human equivalent, for our own aches and pains.”

'I have been ordering Technyflex Equine for my horse Mo for over a year now, he has been a retired Trick Riding horse for over a year. Due to ringbone and bad confirmation - keeping him comfortable was hard. Now, I will never order or need to source a new supplement for him again! We just recently celebrated our 8 year horse-versary!

Thanks to the wonderful people of Technyflex and their legendary (and I mean legendary) customer service, I can worry about him a little less and enjoy his golden years a little more!

Pictured as well is my second horse Ty who has taken up full-time trick riding with me. Someday he may need Technyflex, too!'

Angie R - Colorado, USA









'As a repeat customer I still can't say how happy I am with Technyflex for my horse! From arthritic joints to uveitis in one eye, Technyflex has brought him the comfort that other joint supplements failed to do! I think I have purchased 3 tubs now since last Christmas. Great stuff!!!'


Kerry Baumann talks about 'Royal Physician' - 8 starts four wins, one second and two thirds.

This horse is now with Michael Geaney a young up-and-coming trainer from Townsville who was formerly a stablehand for me before being granted his own licence. He purchased the horse back in January - it was out of form and had a history of recurring significant soundness issues, particularly in his knees.
I suggested he put the horse on Technyflex Equine as soon as he arrived - it's worked wonders.

The horse won recently in Townsville in a Class 6 Plate race even though he was badly weighted. Not only has Technyflex addressed the horse's soundness and obvious pain issues 'Royal Physician' has subsequently gained back his confidence to knuckle down and find the line.









Update from Beate Lantzsch

'My very much loved mare Katie Riddle has always been a picture of health and joy of life, but during the last couple of months she visibly aged by at least 10 years, suddenly looked like a malnourished 30yo instead of a very healthy 18yo. None of us could find a reason for that, her nutrition didn't change nor did any other circumstance regarding her.
All culminated in her not being able to get up one day - having lost our mare Vivacious just about a year ago to some mysterious disease that affected the nervous system, to say I was worried would be a huge understatement! After blood tests came back alright, besides showing high levels of inflammation somewhere in her body and palpation, and showed nothing besides sore hips whilst the back was perfectly alright.

Paul Hatten, one of the most experienced equine vets and luckily member of our team at SonoVet suggested to administer Bute for a couple of days to help with the inflammation and to also bring locomotion back to somewhat normal. He also suggested to approach the issue with our "holistic" treatments 🙂 I decided to put Katie on Technyflex, knowing that this would help with the inflammation, reduce fluid built up of and by the inflammation, and assist in getting back her full range of movement. Katie just finished her first two weeks with Technyflex Equine on the booster dosage of 6g twice daily - and she is almost back to normal!!!! I am absolutely thrilled!! I stopped giving Bute 3 days ago, she does not seem to need it anymore. Slowly, very slowly weight comes back on and wasted muscles start to rebuild. We have worked with Technyflex for years and saw ringbones the size of a golf ball disappear, retired horses coming back to being able to be competed and received many, many great testimonials for this natural product. But most certainly, what it did for our loved Katie is the biggest prove ever to me. Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about Technyflex, we are more than happy to share our experience and knowledge. Happy riding! All at your SonoVet Team.

Beate Lantzsch







'Just a quick note to let you know what a difference Technyflex has made to our old mare. Dawnie is 30 years old and couldn’t put her head to ground to eat. After being on your product as directed the difference is amazing. The old pony can now eat where she chooses in the paddock and can also enjoy her feeds of Gumnuts and chaff and her hay comfortably. Thank you to the team at Natural Health and to this marvellous product.'

Julianna and Merrilyn

'Technyflex Equine Powder is magic on the horses. Choppy short actions become smooth and the horses quite obviously more comfortable and relaxed. The service at Natural Health New Zealand was fantastic - fast and efficient! I am now starting myself on the human product - Mobicosa.'

Mike - New Zealand

'I have had my 20-year-old miniature pony, ‘Poppy’, for sixteen years. I started him on Technyflex at the beginning of July 2014 hoping for some relief from arthritic symptoms and issues relating to founder. He couldn’t move very much at all and I was desperate as it looked as though he’d have to be put down.
The difference was unbelievable from Poppy lying down most of the time to his trotting up to me each day – it’s amazing.
Technyflex – it has changed Poppy’s life.'

Jane Henderson - Robertson, NSW, Australia

'Joint health is the most important thing in a dressage horse so we choose to use Technyflex to ensure that our horses stay happy, healthy and fit to perform.'

Brett Parbery - international dressage rider - Penrose, NSW, Australia

My Horse Toby is a 18yo thoroughbred gelding, who I do medium level eventing with. He's had strange lameness on and off for a while, and it came up again quite badly. He was out of work for 2 months from lameness. No-one knew what it was, the vets checked him out and everything but we just couldn't tell. He'd been on the pentozan injections which did nothing. A friend of mine put me onto Technyflex, and at this stage we were willing to try anything. We ordered a tub and within 5 days of the loading dose, the lameness in him was disappearing. He is now back to comfortably doing medium level eventing. Thank you Technyflex!


'Can't believe how good this is [Technyflex Equine], I have a 20yr old Holsteiner with severe ringbone in both front legs, (he has had the mega dollar vet treatment, limited results - keep him on bute!!) he has just finished his 1st pot [500g Technyflex Equine] and is now able to walk/canter comfortably,(still has a small dose of bute when it is required, but nothing like the recommended dose from the vets) trot is still a bit hoppy, but he is happy and 'paddock sound', what more could I wish for. Thank you for having a product that does what it claims, that's rare in the equine world of supplements and quick fixes.'

Gayle Loose - Sussex Inlet.

'Thank you so much the Technyflex arrived today – very prompt.

I own a 15 yrs old purebred Arabian mare who is highly educated (med level dressage) and a very successful Arabian show horse. In 2010, she sustained a horrific head injury which resulted in her peeling her jaw from underneath the jaw bone to where a dropped nose band would do up. As a result despite stitching and excellent vet care & nursing by me it got infected, the mare went into toxic shock, nearly died etc etc then fell prey to laminitis from the blood poisoning etc and had a 10% rotation in both front feet.

A lot of expense at the vets, excellent hoof work from the farrier with the vet in consultation and a strict diet and rehab regime which actually lasted nearly 3 years. At the beginning of 2013 another Arabian friend recommended Technyflex to me. The mare had finally recovered enough and appeared to be sound enough to go back to light work, but as a judge I was sceptical of the quality of her paces and not sure that she would ever be sound enough to be competitive again in the show ring. So light work and technyflex commenced, I am happy to say the mare has never looked back or even had a scratchy day.

In our first outing in over 3 years at the NSW Police Games she won all 3 dressage tests, won or placed in all her hacking / rider classes, I couldn’t have been happier, she continued on all last season placing and winning at the highest levels at Arabian Shows. We recently traveled to Melbourne in April to compete in the Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games at Werribee and I was concerned how she would be standing in the float all the way to Melb & back. Following advice that your staff gave me at Equitana in the week before we left I increased the dose and maintained it whilst we were away. The results speak for them selves, a gold medal and two bronzes in the dressage.

Whilst I don’t have any unsound footage I have plenty of her doing dressage or at Arabian Shows that I am happy to share, have attached a pic or two of her. I truly believe that your product along with other management and feeding regimes has been responsible for return to competition and long term soundness – thank you.'

Cathy Padgen

National Panel Arabian Judge
DNSW Dressage Judge E Level
Show Horse Council Judge NSW
Chief Classifier / Judge Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Assoc
Pinto Horse Judge

My horse, Blue, suffered from an abscess so he was out for a while. I competed on another horse and recently gained my Open Rider status. I’ve been taking Mobicosa and have found it extremely helpful. I also found that giving Blue an increased dose of Technyflex during the time he had the abscess meant I was able to get him off the bute much more quickly. It’s been extremely helpful in accelerating his recovery.

Blue has finally become an Open Horse and I’m now an Open Rider which allows us to now go for FEI star ratings.
We’re aiming for at least a 1* rating by the end of the year. When I last competed him he was feeling great - he’s coping well with the training - Technyflex is helping his body all round.

Trish Dakin – NZ endurance rider

These testimonials are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those that have used the product. We do not claim these experiences are the typical result. Your results may vary.