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Mobicosa Testimonials


Mobicosa Gel for the win

'I have been experiencing some pain in my achilles and around my ankle from a previous ankle injury. I started using NZB Mobicosa gel after a recommendation from a friend after each workout. I was a bit skeptical at first but then noticed a huge difference in reduction of soreness and pain in my ankle. Two thumbs up!'

PERSONAL TESTIMONIAL FOR MOBICOSA - Victoria Davies - October 2017

(Rheumatoid - Multiple Joint Replacements - Australian Para-Equestrian Dressage rider – age 33)

My name is Victoria Davies and I am an Australian FEI Grade II Para Dressage rider and campaigner of the PRE Spanish/Lusitano breeds and proud user of the joint supplement MOBICOSA for 17 years.

Throughout my career I have achieved what only dreams are made of and I do this whilst fighting a crippling disease - Rheumatoid which I was first diagnosed with 24 years ago at age 9.

41 operations to date, Scoliosis, two hip replacements, triple Arthrodesis and all joints showing different degrees of deterioration. One would imagine my condition with Rheumatoid couldn’t get much worse however, in January 2016 my health declined due to aggressive deterioration of my spine and neck; April 2016 I was diagnosed with Basilar Invagination a condition where the C1 and C2 vertebrates are bone on bone and the Odontoid peg (part of my spine) has migrated into my skull placing my spinal cord at high risk.

Over a year later I am still in the saddle, conquering goals and have my eyes set on the next Paralympic games.

Whilst my condition with Rheumatoid is controlled by many pharmaceutical medications, I do believe my strong use of MOBICOSA has helped maintain my general well-being and mobility. I have been using MOBICOSA daily for 17 years, a product I cannot go without!

The late Ron Gellatley, a great Naturopath admired by many, first introduced MOBICOSA to my list of alternative medicines when I was 16 years old. Originally, I took a dose of 6 tablets daily over a course of 2 weeks and remember finding a substantial improvement to my swollen, burning joints and stiffened movement, over a course of 3 weeks I was able to begin light swimming activities, regained my strength and at the time was able to feel somewhat feel like a normal teenager. Since that day, 17 years ago, I take 3 capsules of MOBICOSA daily without fail and if I have increased my training or my Rheumatoid symptoms flare than I will increase to 6 capsules of MOBICOSA until I feel relief.

As a rider and someone living with a chronic illness, I believe it is very important that I stay fit, healthy and control my condition to the best of my ability. It has never been my motto to sit back and let the Rheumatoid stop me from achieving my goals. Looking back I have won countless titles over the years such as short listed for the Rio Paralympics 2016, a member of the Australian High Performance squad for 4 years, National Champion for my grade twice and NSW State Champion for 5 consecutive years.

Where there’s passion and determination, anything is achievable.

This is ANDALUKA ELEGIDO “Eddy”, PRE Spanish Stallion

'I had flap surgery on my gums, and did the upper right quadrant one week, lower right the next, lower left the next and next week will do the upper left. Flap surgery is where the dentist cuts the gums away from the teeth, inside and out, cleans thoroughly, and then stitches the gums back together with the stitches going between the teeth. I hadn't ordered the gel in time for the first two surgeries to be complete, but I did get it in right before the third surgery.

I can't tell you how much of a difference it has made. The first two were excruciating, and I took a lot of pain pills (hyrdocodone or oxycodone) the entire week after surgery, a lot of NSAIDs, and slept a lot in the days after the surgery. Immediately after I got out of the dentist's office after the third, I slathered the Mobicosa gel on the outside of my cheek and under the jaw. I could tell immediately that something was working on me, as there was a tingling, and by the time we got home an hour later, I could see that I wasn't as swollen as I had been the previous two times. The day after surgery was amazingly not painful, only taking 2 pain pills throughout the day, and the jaw was not swollen at all. I kept slathering it on the skin whenever it started to hurt, and I was not taking any pain medication or NSAID after the 3rd day.

Thank you for your amazing product.'

Chrissy Mullender - 8th July 2014

'I have arthritis in my knees, feet and hands. I take the Mobicosa capsules every day and words can't describe the relief I get. I can highly recommend Mobicosa capsules to anyone with arthritis. Try them for a couple of months, then stop taking them for a week or so and feel the difference. You will soon be taking them again.'

Lawrence - Jimbooba, Australia

'As a keen runner I decided to try Mobicosa to aid sore joints and in particular, an aggravated hip injury. Taking 4 capsules initially, and then reducing down to 3 per day, I was impressed with the results as after only a period of 2-3 weeks I noticed a substantial difference in the movement and stability of my hip injury, and can now run pain free. I was also not expecting an added benefit of the product which was noticeably smoother skin, and healthy hair and nails.'

Vanessa - New Zealand

'Stuart is a practicing professional hairdresser. On Sunday 15 October 2006, Stuart attempted to open a jammed plate glass door using his right forearm to push against it. Unfortunately the glass shattered slashing Stuart‚s forearm from wrist to elbow in a deep V, all the way to the bone. Amazingly no tendons or nerves were severed but the arm could not be extended due to the extent of the tissue trauma. The following day Stuart underwent surgery to repair the damaged tissue which also involved a large skin-fold. Four days later, on the Thursday, Stuart was released from hospital.

The next day I saw Stuart and was alarmed at the excessive swelling to his fingers and hand. I advised he return to his surgeon at St John of God Hospital, providing him with a bottle of Mobicosa capsules and the technical information about this amazing product. The surgeon read the information and immediately put Stuart on the maximum loading dose. Compression bandages were also applied to the hand and the arm elevated. Stuart was to re-present on the Monday. To the surgeon‚s astonishment, the swelling had completely dissipated, digit mobility had returned and the arm could extend to 70% capacity. Stuart continued with the maximum dose of Mobicosa for 10 days before reducing to 2 capsules per day. By the 2nd week after surgery, Stuart achieved 90% rotation of his arm and within the 3rd week he was back at work cutting hair. He experienced no pain after commencing the Mobicosa.'

Lyn Annakin - Guan Yin Centre for Learning

'I personally believe in having natural medicine rather than allopathic, which comes with a package of side effects in them. Luckily in April I cam across an article about nearly curing severe arthritis in the current affairs of Channel 9. Both of my parents are arthritis patients I was very curious about this neutraceutical Mobicosa. My father who has been suffering from gouty arthritis for a year is very fussy about taking tablets. He believes that if tablets cure one disease the patient ends up with other ailments. He had been to Australia to visit me in the month of May. I was on constant look out for Mobicosa. We planned a trip to Sydney and we were lucky to find Mobicosa over there and bought a bottle.

On returning to India my father tried Mobicosa and was amazed by the effect, after having been diagnosed with gout his uric acid level was normal. He used to be in constant pain in his knees and walked with a limp. After being on Mobicosa for 3- 6 days he felt like he had never had arthritis and he no longer suffers from pain in his knees. I was extremely pleased with the results that I have received from Mobicosa. My father has also recommended Mobicosa for my Mother and she also has experienced the astounding effect of Mobicosa. I would recommend for people who are in chronic pain to try Mobicosa and live a new life free of pain. To the manufacturers of this product I ask that it be made available throughout the world, as it is a blessing to the people in pain.'

Afshan Shariff - Australia

'I have been using Mobicosa for a few years and find the service at Natural Health New Zealand excellent. I used to use Petflex (now Technyflex) for my dog who was diagnosed with arthritis at age 6 months. When he was using petflex he could run and play with other dogs with no pain or stiffness the next day. I get very little, if any pain in my thumbs!'

Aileen Iggo - New Zealand

'I have been buying Mobicosa from the chemist for the past 6-7 months. I have experienced pain relief and much improved mobility. The service at Natural Health New Zealand is excellent.'

Barry Foster - Australia

These testimonials are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those that have used the product. We do not claim these experiences are the typical result. Your results may vary.